Club Nights


01. Max Maven Tribute Night - Hosted by Adrian king

On the one-year anniversary of his death, we celebrate his life & career with stories, requested video clips and bringing a trick or few from the extensive catalogue of Phil Goldstein aka Max Maven

Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

08. Fire, Flash and Flame - Hosted by Richard Pinner

From Flash Paper to Fire Breathing

Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

15. Big Magic For Little People - Colin Dymond's Lecture

The how and why I use magic designed for an adult audience in my shows for children.

Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

There is a charge for non-members (£)

Please contact first to check availability of space.

22. ¿Hablas español? - Hosted by Mark Chudley

Perform (or watch) Magical effects by Spanish-speaking magos.

Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

29. Zodiac Close-Up Competition - Hosted by Adrian King

Our annual close-up magic competition.

Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

Non-magician invited guests are welcome at this event.



06. Wine & Cheese (and an Auction) - Hosted by Mark Lee and Alan Browne

This is our annual social evening in the club room, involving so much more than ‘Wine and Cheese’. With food, nibbles and drink options, socialising, some magic related activities, games and fun! PLUS an Auction of DVDs & various magical effects.

Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

13. Chestnuts - Hosted by Peter Callaghan

An amnesty to perform ‘that old chestnut’ – without getting roasted on an open fire!

Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

20. Christmas Dinner - Hosted by Keith Harrison

A fun and festive evening, dining at a nearby hostelry - and, if you like, performing a magical effect or two!

Not held in the Club room!

Non-magician invited guests are welcome at this event.

27. No Meeting

... looking forwards to next year!

See you next year!



03. Video Variety - Hosted by Andy Stone

Enjoy an evening watching requested videos.

Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

10. Luke Jermay's Lecture - From the Shadows

I invite you to join me in a celebration of pure conjuring. Not a single mind will be read. Instead, together, we will explore some of my favourite original conjuring creations.

Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

17. Al Atkinson Rose Bowl Competition - Hosted by Adrian King

A total of nine categories of magic performed over three club nights: 1. Production, 2. Transformation and 3. Transportation

Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

24. Effects with an unprepared Deck of Cards - Host to be confirmed

A brand-new Red-Backed Bicycle deck will be unsealed, opened and shuffled. What will you perform with it? You may add gaffs or even switch the deck, so long as you leave behind a brand-new Red-Backed Bicycle deck on the table.

Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

31. Request Night - Hosted by Donato Capitella

Which magical performances by members would you like to see again?

Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom