Club Nights

We attract top-flight performers to lecture about once a month. We also host competitions, bring-a-trick nights and a variety of magic-related evenings.

Here is a calendar of recent and upcoming events:


15. I'm Ready For My Close-Up Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

Rodolfo Piccioli - A bring-a-trick evening of close-up magic, using the semi-circular table.

22. Peter Pinner’s Chipped Cup Competition Northfields & Online

Richard Pinner & Mick Edwards - An informal competition between two teams, based on the nine Al Atkinson categories, in honour of the late & great Peter Pinner.

29. Card College Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

Russell Levinson - A workshop on sleights & techniques with playing cards.



06. Dominic Twose's Lecture Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

Dominic Twose - A lecture by the author of Impromptu Secrets (2018) and contributor to several publications.

There is a charge for non-members (£)

Please contact first to check availability of space.

13. Belated 75th Birthday Party See details in the Zodiac magazine & email feed

Adrian King - Come & celebrate our 75th birthday (15 months later) in the fresh air of a pub garden. There will be food, drinks & surprise entertainment.

20. Room 101 Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

Andy Brennan - What magic-related gripe will you consign to Room 101? Don’t worry, Big Brother is not watching you!

27. Half & Half - Mathemagic and Magic of the Zodiac Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

Sam Severijnse & Bob Spruce - Bring-a-trick with digits, numbers & mathematics - followed by star signs, astrology, planets, sun & moon… it’s gonna be Out of this World!



03. Desert Island Tricks Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

Peter Andrews - Before one of our members is cast away, they will be interviewed about their life in magic.

10. WAM visit the Zodiac Magical Society Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

Keith Harrison - It’s our turn to host the Watford Association of Magicians' members and entertain each other.

17. Library Night Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

Russell Levinson with Peter Andrews & Sam Severijnse - Books, DVDs, pdfs, video files, downloads… what have you learnt from them lately?

24. Comedy Magic Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

William Spencer - Who else but William to host a night about comedy magic? Details to follow nearer the time.

31. President’s Night Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

Alan Browne - The president sets the precedent. Details to follow nearer the time.



07. The Rex Taylor Mental Magic Competition Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

Host to be announced - Our biennial competition where we use the powers of our mind to entertain and mystify!

Non-magician invited guests are welcome at this event.

14. Michel Huot’s Lecture Northfields & "one way stream" Zoom

Michel Huot - Known as Montreal’s busiest corporate magician, Michel has received standing ovations for performances at FFFF and his creations have appeared in many publications including MAGIC and GENII.

There is a charge for non-members (£)

Please contact first to check availability of space.

21. To Be Confirmed

Host to be arranged

28. Quiz Night Delivery format? Details will be provided nearer the time.

Russell Levinson - Once again, Russell will be taking care of quizness! Will you quiz and tell?